5 Points for Self Satisfaction

For me self-satisfaction or self-peace is very important. I often take my time out, sit back and relax. This makes me achieve the mental peace that fades away due to constant exhausting schedules. Although I love exhausting days (strange, right?) but I don’t compromise with my mental peace. A day fully occupied with work, hangouts and fun is how I explain a perfect day. All this isn’t peaceful but the satisfaction rendered cannot be explained in words.

I have been practicing this completely-occupied-day concept for quite some time now. It has its own pros and cons but you know what? You feel light and satisfied at the end of the day. Things have worked pretty nicely for me following this concept and It might work for you as well. Initially, you can start by following the step I have listed below. If you are running short on time, you may download the link below and read this later :


5 points for self-satisfaction


Trust me! Planning really helps. It takes just a few minutes and you are sorted for the next day. I generally use a planner and “reminders” to stay organized. I plan the complete month using planner and reminders keep updating me what’s left undone. Planning also helps you manage your time effectively. Now, I don’t think I need to tell you how it feels to get everything done in a manageable way.


By toxic people, I am referring to everybody who cannot see you grow. Stay away from everyone who damages your self-respect. Also, everybody who demotivates you do not have any right to stay in your life. The moment I distanced myself from everybody trying to damage me or my confidence, I seriously feel those good vibes and positive feeling around me.


Sleep is yet another important factor. A sleep of at least 6 hours is really important. It’s important because dark circles don’t look good at all. Also, when we sleep our body recover the damages we do to it all day. Not having proper sleep will leave you all irritated throughout the day.


This is probably the best and my favorite part of the blog. I try to learn something new every day irrespective of how complex or easy it is, I just focus on learning it. Now, if you are wondering where to start from? Start with simple things like a home décor DIY or any DIY shall be good to start with.


Last but not the least and probably another most important point. Staying hydrated is way too important than I can explain. It is important for body and skin both. A fun fact, in spite of knowing how important it is to stay hydrated I still end up hardly drinking 1 liter of water every day. I set water reminder to make sure I have enough water on a daily basis. If you are someone same as me, I suggest you to start building up your water intake. I am facing a lot of health issues because of this.

Ending all of the above on a note: Self-satisfaction is feeling that comes from within. You need to be absolutely fit from inside to attain the level of self-satisfaction you are craving for. Books are also a good source to attain mental peace. Books like Alchemist are highly recommended.

Now that you know a few steps to satisfy your inner self, do comment below what worked the best for you. Share the idea with your friends and family too.

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