Hey You? Yes, You!

I know you are going through those really dark phases of life. Everything seems dull and nothing is progressing in a favourable manner. But you know what? You are not alone and in the world filled with billions of people, almost half a billion people are going through a phase similar to yours. Life is almost treating everybody existing in this world equally. Money is not the only issue anyway, even the millionaires are dealing with some of the other shit.

So, Relax for a while okay? the night is also a part of the day.

Although, I have a very different perception towards the miseries of my life. I really wanna hold for a second and embrace them for being my best teacher in and of life. Everyone should do this according to me, because why not? It teaches us to believe in ourselves and in the fact that tomorrow might turn out to be a game changer. Life is an absolute mixture of smiles and tears.

You are the only soldier on the battlefield and you have no other choice rather than fighting it. You might feel like giving up sometimes but remember

Closer the destination, higher the obstacle. One wrong move and all your hardwork and struggles all these while are gone, gone within a blink of eye.

Trust me you have been doing a brilliant job all these years, a little more distance is left to travel. 

Everybody is facing a different kind of hell, some in the form of chronic diseases while others in the form of losing their dearest ones. Listening to all those people the pain inside me seems nothing. 

One cannot avoid the troublesome rain but an umbrella always saves, that umbrella could be anything and in any form. Here is the list of something I practice to smile in my gloomy days.


You know the best way you can deal with something harsh is by doing what you love. It could be anything from writing poems to eating ice-creams. Yes! go for something that renders a little peace to your mind. 


Keeping all your worries inside you and dealing everything by yourself is not something I would appreciate. Bad days reduces our capacity to think and most often we feel trapped and see no way out. Sharing things with a friend could help you get lighten as well as the probability of you overcoming the phase easily increases.


Lately, Yoga has been a part of many stories of people who successfully fought depression. Yoga has the capability of providing mental relaxation. It also strengthens you physically. Yoga is something one should practice irrespective of the circumstances in life.

I hope I pushed you enough to never give up. Drop your feedback in the comment section below. Also, you may comment and suggest me what other topics you would like me to cover.

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