Combating Unhappiness


I hope I don’t sound like I will be starting a nationwide movement from the very next line. Life is full hardships and in absolutely no particular form. We face a lot entire our lives. Happiness and Unhappiness are a part of the platter that life serves us (probably the most important ones ). You know it is fine that you feel low at times and want some closure from the world. But, the moment this unhappiness starts killing you from inside… is the time when you need do something about it super soon. Combating unhappiness becomes essential at this stage.

Now, I am here to make sure that you get out of this real quick. But before I start I must tell you that I am no expert. I have learned all this by exploring and practicing it all on me.

Ideally, there are four step that I have been following. They are simple yet effective. Now, I won’t drag this any further and let’s dig into the post.

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The first and the most important step. This is the basis for the other 3 steps. You need to identify and eliminate everything that is causing harm to you. Look for everything that is making you sad. Start with people, not everybody around you is worth the attention and love. Eliminate those who feels like pain to you. It helps to a really greater extent.


Anything negative will not let you overcome the chronic pain. Your environment plays a major role here. You need to change the environment you have been in for the past few days. You need to find a permanent substitute for this temporary pain. Just let the freshness build a place inside you.  Combating unhappiness becomes easier when you live in a positive environment.


Yes, this is probably the most obvious step. I like working by setting goals. So, even for overcoming this painful situation I would like you to mark some goals and progress. Now, don’t be too harsh on yourself and set an unachievable sort of a goal. Let your first goal be a fun interaction with everyone or something that gives even a tiny bit of happiness to you. Also, have enough faith in yourself that will simplify things for you.


It takes time. Getting back to your normal phase with just blink of an eye only happens in those extra sugar coated movies. It is easy to break and hardest to join the broken pieces. So, trust yourself and your process. Don’t rush and stay calm. You must focus on one thing at a time. Also. DO NOT PANIC, as I said it takes time and panicking will simply mess things up. Follow what your heart says, this is cliche, I know, but it works… it really does.

There are a lot of little steps that you will learn during these process. These are the absolutely basic and you may improvise according to your comfort. Also, if things still don’t feel good to you I am just an email away.

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