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LIFE UPDATE – thanking and sharing the miseries of life

life update

I was planning this Life Update post for quite sometimes and finally, the day has come..!! Life has been treating me really well for the past few months (touch wood). I believe that it has all been possible because of my blog. I am learning something every single day and it is simply overwhelming.

The blogging family is way too supportive than I have ever thought of. The struggles of a blogger are real, tougher than putting a thread in the needle. But, thanks to my co-bloggers for making things easier for me. As I climb every single milestone I make a new memory.

My off-screen life is a bit okayish these days. A lot of stuff needs proper management. I have dropped a year of college, my plans (that seemed perfect a year ago) seems a little messy. I need to figure this out super soon because I cannot afford to waste another year doing anything productive.

Also, I was excited for the whitewash thing happening in my house…Because I love the smell of wall paints. Unfortunately, these people are using paints that got no smell. *Sad Emoticon*

Loving myself has become quite a huge task for me. The motivation I strive for is lacking inside me. I don’t have exact reasons for this feeling but the inferiority complex is hitting me really hard. I am not jealous of anyone around me, I just don’t feel anything good about me.

COMPLETED ONE MONTH HAPPILY BLOGGING. My website crashed last week for some unknown reason and I lost a few of my data too. Also, I was stupid enough to simply posting and not keeping a backup of the data on my end. Another funny thing, I have been bogging for a month and I have still not discovered my blogging schedule.

You know what? This has been my dream since 2015. Now, after crossing the first milestone, I feel like doing every possible thing to make this work. I know I am going a little crazy but expressing this feeling I have within me is impossible. I worked hard to buy my domain name, hosting etc. My dad was ready to finance me at every stage but the thought that I might not have desired results was stopping me to take help from him. I would be in utmost guilt that I wasted my dad’s effort. I guess it will take a little more time to fix the schedule and everything.

In the last few months, I learned that slow and steady steps will help me grow easily. Rushing towards everything will only create a mess.

I think I will do a Life Update blog post every month. Afterall we are all family and you should know what’s happening with and around me.

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5 thoughts on “Life Update”

  1. yeah ^^ Its a process we have to do slowly ^^ And to be honest I think its better to be half big or half small. I want to be able to answer all the comments and listen to my audience. If I was to big of a blogger people might fall between and I wouldn’t see what they had to say. And to me everyone is important 🙂

  2. It’s great that things have been going well for you. I hope that continues! Even with the negatives that happen you have to remember you are strong enough to overcome it all. Your blog is beautiful.

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