Not all days are bright and blossomy. Some are dull and stressing as well. 

The feeling of not being able to speak our heart out is hell irritating. As a result, we stay agitated for no reason, quarrelling over little things. Are you also facing a similar situation? You are at the right place! In this blog post, I will be discussing out ways that make your heart feel a little light.

Also, I have been in your place too, I clearly understand what you must be going through. This post will help in the following ways:

  • It will help you to establish a nice grip on your emotions.
  • it will help you improve and grow.
  • A sense of positivity will surround you.
  • You will love yourself even more.
  • It will help you feel light in the heart.
  • it will help you have a better mental health.

Let’s Get Started…Let’s Get Stress Free.

I don’t exactly remember when I gained a good control over my emotions, but all I remember is my baby sister would always become the prey of my anger. My constant agitation and irritation was also irritating… Did you understand what I just said? Nevermind. I started working over me and finally found these 4 ways that helped me in different levels.

Starting With 


Songs stand at the topmost position. All your stress is gone in seconds. The soft chords or the rock bands or some jazz helps you to get calm. It diverts your attention and helps your brain in getting back to its normal functioning. Songs do the quick job. But, if this doesn’t work for you… don’t worry. There are other alternatives as well.

(It works at the primary level only and surely doesn’t have any long-lasting effects. It is like the quick and temporary action antibiotic medicines. I apologize for this poor joke. )


Okay..!! this is yet another way by which you may have that instant calm feeling. It doesn’t sound so good but trust me it really works. When I was asked to list down random things like all of my favorite songs, or my goals etc. I reacted just like you. But the moment I started listing, damn !! All my anger was gone in hardly 2 minutes.

So, if you are someone just like me, I am sure you are going to absolutely love this.

(You can make a list of anything from your favorite online shopping website to your favorite brands)


A daily journal is an amazing option if you are really fond of writing. It works as a therapy. Your journal acts as your most trustworthy friend. Everything you share with it remains enclosed within it only. A journal helps you reveal your true self and everything that disturbs your heart. Hence, you end up feeling light in the heart.

A journal helps in various ways, firstly, it doesn’t offend anyone. It doesn’t harm anyone. It doesn’t judge you. You ultimately achieve a mental peace. Tadaa!! the struggle to find peace finally finds a way. The stress element has to get eliminated anyway.


Even if you aren’t stressed or unhappy. Even if nothing troubles you. It is very very very important to spend some time with your own self. My English prof always said a proverb “You will never know your God until you know yourself”. Although I never paid attention in class. But, these words still echo in my brain every time I remember her. Spend some time with yourself and try to heal yourself with the power you have within you. You are your best doctor, treatment, and medicine.


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