Suicide !

Suicide is an act of betrayal.

The thought of hurting me by any means give me shivers. For no particular reason, losing people has always been my greatest fear. Things like SUICIDE has always left me in a questionable state. Because it is never easy to see ourselves dying. The only question that haunts my mind is, were there no other solution than suicide?

Bits of advice are easy to give, is what often people say. But, everybody throwing pieces of advice at you really cares for you in some of the other ways.

Now, coming back to my point… Suicide is not a solution, it is, in contrast, a huge disaster for everybody you leave behind.

To understand why there is an increase in suicides around the globe? I again went on my explorations.


Understanding the major causes is one hell of a task. After spending hours over the world wide web, I ended up posting this blog post a little late than usual. Here’s what I found:

  1. One of the major causes of suicides is mental instability. The number of people (including youngsters) suffering from disturbed mental conditions is increasing each and every day. depression is one of the common problem seen in many. Every 6 of 10 people are suffering from depressions these days. Other than depression, there are various mental syndromes sends suicidal signals to the brain.
  2. Long-term indebtedness is yet another reason. The constant mental harassment by lenders or the state of not being able to fulfill debts often leads to suicides.
  3. Another observation includes, peer pressure is yet another major cause of suicides. On an average 2-3 students suicide every day because of not being able to stand up to expectation.

During my research, I observed way lot of things. My final conclusion was, people with not-soo-high-patience level often end up taking such a step out of frustration, irritation or anger. Patience is the key to life is what I believe.

Suicide is for escapists.

People consider suicide as an ultimate solution for all the problems. But, deaths from suicide are way too painful for both, suicider and people left behind.

The pain of losing you may fade by time but the scars are forever.

Before taking any random step, you must think about its consequences. It is not necessary that your departure will end problems. Your family, friends, and everybody close to you will have to face what you were going through. Your every problem is now theirs.

Life is a favor of god, make sure you make it worth.


There enormous ways to stop suicide. A little cooperation is all that is needed.

A person that tends to have suicidal tendencies very often must visit and consult a doctor initially. A doctor might help you with counseling and some medication depending on your situation.

If you are aware of a person suffering from depression or a similar problem, make sure you stay in close touch with them. Suicides also happen because of loneliness.

Peer pressure being another major issue. Fellow mates, friends, and family should be encouraging and motivating. I have seen extremely demotivating and docile people. The scenario is worst in case of freedom of career selection. Every individual is different and unique in their own way. The comparison cannot be done ever. What one may do, others might not and vice versa.

There are various people working worldwide to help people who have no ears listening to them.

022 2754 6669 AASRA, India, has helped many over the years.

I hope you like the post and this helped you or people facing such problems. You may reach me anytime and I will be happy to help you in every possible way.

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