What is Life?

Yesterday while scheduling my day, I thought about life! How it keeps changing me and my habits. I recalled all my harsh phases and happy moments. Suddenly something got me so curious that I really went on exploring (gooogling) the meaning of life. The results were amusing yet my question “What is Life ?” remained unsolved. My curiosity level was exploding, my search was still on. After flipping through various web pages and research results I landed on the following conclusion.



It has no definite meaning. There are scientific explanations that state the biological explanations whereas there are contradictory philosophical theories. Giving one definite meaning for life becomes really difficult.

  • According to the scientific theories, it is defined as the existence of human beings, animals or plants. The condition that distinguishes between organic and inorganic matters, plants and animal, living and non-living things is known as life.
  • Some people believe that our lives are a gift of God. So, a life spent worshiping the almighty is believed to be the perfect definition.


Scientists, Researchers, and every other explorer failed to explain the exact meaning of life.

  • A reason for no definite of life could be the complex behavior of life.
  • A different perspective of every individual is yet another reason for no exact definition.

According to me…

Life is what you make it. It is something that is not entirely under your control but you can absolutely choose the paths laid in front of you. It doesn’t promise all happy-puppy day but when you know how to love everything, things get a little sorted every time.

From all the philosophical and scientific theories given I drew an (not-so-accurate) image of life in my mind. Life has always been about spreading happiness in whichever way possible. People worshiped god because it rendered them peace of mind. Vacations give us a space to rejuvenate and that’s when we speak “what a life!”.

Coming from a time, where materialism, money and fame are priorities, I prefer sharing love and spreading smiles…



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